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Another Sunday of direct outreach to the homeless encampments. It is simultaneously the most uplifting and heartwrenching emotional rollercoaster. What I suspect it appears like from the outside is a group of people wandering among tents with wagons and bundle buggies filled with food bags and hygiene items, blankets...

We still need your support

Another Sunday out there today in the encampments… this time we had hundreds of hygiene items to go with the food. Blankets. Socks. Basic things we all take for granted. We also provided 100 meals to two agencies feeding the homeless population. It still wasn’t enough. Not nearly. We...

Quick Outreach Updates

Persons in need delivered food this week: 102 This week we were able to expand our outreach. Having connected with those in the community offering services to our homeless or under housed populations, we were able to identify more locations with those needing our assistance. We will have an...

What we’ve been up to so far

What started as an effort to help a couple who found themselves without shelter during Covid-19 has expanded to an ever growing effort to reach as many who are without housing or are in congregate living situations and need extra support during the ongoing crisis. We started with a...