Community Relief Initiative

Providing food to those without shelter

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Masks for Moms Initiative

Making masks for moms and kids in shelters

About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of volunteers from across the GTA, including men, women and children. We work with amazing people who offer their time, effort and donations to help us with our efforts to ensure that, in this time of crisis, the most vulnerable are not forgotten.

How We Got Started

For one of our group founders, Covid-19 presented an additional challenge – how to assist her community, while finding a way to home school two Autistic children who struggled to navigate distance learning.

Through a friend, she learned of a couple who had been forced on to the streets due to Covid-19. Collecting donations for the couple became an opportunity to home school,with lessons in civics, science and life skills, as the children helped safely package items to take to others. The most important lesson, however, is that ALL hands can help make a difference.

Donations of items kept being offered, and needed to be distributed. And those lessons continue.

Our other group founder has been a long time grassroots fundraiser, having spent years assisting vulnerable populations, ensuring children in shelters were visited by Santa and the Easter Bunny and mom was cared for as well.

Together, with family and friends and strangers, kids and adults and seniors, they made a decision to turn their efforts to some of our community’s most vulnerable neighbours… those without shelter, or living in congregate shelter settings.

What We Do

Currently we collect items delivered by donors who shop and drop, Amazon deliveries kindly purchased from our wish list, and cash with which we purchase food.

We create shelf-stable care packages and cooked meals, and hand deliver to those without shelter in areas around the GTA.

We also collect and purchase materials for re-usable masks and distribute to shelters for Moms and children fleeing violence.