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Another Sunday out there today in the encampments… this time we had hundreds of hygiene items to go with the food. Blankets. Socks. Basic things we all take for granted.

We also provided 100 meals to two agencies feeding the homeless population.

It still wasn’t enough. Not nearly. We could only do 3.5 encampments before we ran out. Normally we do at least 5.

But they are growing fast, filling with many people who have lost homes and jobs due to covid.

Shifting encampments caused by government mishandling, no doubt causing more harm in this pandemic, on an individual and community level.

Today we heard stories. The desperation and devastation is real. “I just need help with housing I can afford so I can get back on my feet.” “I don’t know how this happened.” “I had nowhere to go and it wasn’t safe to stay.”

Whispered requests for menstrual products as people try to maintain privacy and dignity. Asking if they can please have just one extra water because they are dehydrated – though no human should ever lack access to water. Joy at simple items like soap and deodorant and wet wipes and masks to keep themselves and our community safe.

I have dignity too. I don’t like to ask for help either. But we need it. Our group needs it. We need help so that we can keep helping.

So… I will ask, if you can help, any amount, or even by sharing, we could use your support.

(We can provide contacts from agencies who can verify what we do)

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